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Collection of best Flashlight Apps for Android free download

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Collection of best Flashlight Apps for Android free download

Collection of best Flashlight apps on android free download

Today free android games blog present to you a collection of Flashlight apps free and best on Android. Can be said that Flashlight Apps is one of the indispensable app on your smartphone.

Flashlight Apps for Android is a convenient tool illuminate in the darkness, the user can use the application as lights in the dark or light reading to find something that you use to replace the conventional flashlights. With the flashlight app, you do not need any more bulky lamp, only just installed Flashlight Apps software on your android phone.

With flashlight app for the android phone, your phone will have the same features a flashlight in the dark.

Now you can choose one of the best Flashlight apps for your phone or your tablet below:

Tiny Flashlight app for android free download

Tiny Flashlight app for android free download
Tiny Flashlight app
Tiny Flashlight is one of the best flashlight app for android when you need reliability and functionality, this Flashlight application is small in size, easy to use and has been popular with users for downloads up to 100,000,000-500,000,000. Very bright and completely free. Free flashlight app for your device! Incredibly simple and very useful. Will use your device's camera LED / flash / screen as a torch. 
  • Bright flashlight / torch mode when using the device LED.
  • Great and diverse screen lights.
  • Widget with different layouts to choose from (including lock screen widget). Flashlight starts directly without launching Tiny Flashlight.
  • Strobe / Blinking function with adjustable on/off intervals
  • Morse code functionality with a Text to Morse code support.
  • Beautiful layout and simple controls.
  • Supports the widest range of devices with a camera flash. All for free.
  • Small memory footprint, low battery and CPU consumption. Highly optimized.
  • Best tablet flashlight

Download via Apk Drawer:
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Flashlight Apps
Download via Drive:
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Flashlight Apps

Tutorial download and instal on this video

please see that video and follow that video for complete download
Have fun !

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