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Little Empire v1.16

Little Empire v1.16 APK
Little Empire v1.16 APK
Do you attain the 3d games in support of Android? Hardly Empire is notable  game in support of Android device so as to gives you a opening to fool around the at the outset humanity location based services mobile MMO game in 3D. Let's fool around the game!

This is a 3D strategy mobile game like nothing history's seen beforehand. Almost as soon as it went live, it Top 10 PvP lists in Europe, Southeast Asia, the USA, Japan, Korea, England, cups, Canada, and other major gaming regions the whole time the humanity.

Here, you'll fool around a hero with a mission: Deploy Trolls, Mages, Wolf Riders, and more, in support of a unreserved of 12 another troop types, in thousands of another formations and countless challenges, using your brains and your braun to build and defend an empire all your own.

Fight beside your allies, or step on on your enemies.

Mine gold to fill your delicate capital, or donate it to the glory of your alliance.

Face your contacts in friendly practice matches, or hunt in support of loot in Adventure mode. However you fool around, the upshot will be an empire that's uniquely yours!
Game Features
1.The world's first purely 3D mobile game, with cute graphics that don't sacrifice detail.
2.Plants vs. Zombies-style tower defense gameplay, quick to learn and easy to play.
3.Unit type advantages make infinite formation possibilities, for a combined casual and competitive gameplay experience.
4.Three unique heroes to choose from, each with their own stats, skills, and equipment.
5.Created with skeletal animation technology, a new frontier for mobile games.

Update Content
Little Empire version 1.16 is going live! In this all-new version, enjoy 5v5 multiplayer battles on the Battlefield, face dramatic new bosses like the Swamp Dragon, Medusa, and Colossus, and more exciting new gameplay features! Update details:
1.New Evolve function for troops, temporarily open for Footmen, Trolls, Knights, and Cyborgs.
2.Second Adventure route added: The Seal.
3.New multiplayer Battlefield: Play 5-on-5 matches with no troop losses.
4.New Flower Patch, Stone Block and other decorations.
5.New spar mine added.
6.Battle reports can be shared with multiple people at once, including yourself.
7.New alliance equipment status page added.
8.New alliance status function added: Records member combos, kills, and deaths.
9.Alliance level cap raised to 10.
10.No more Reputation rankings: Now, earn Rep 3 times per day, earning more points per time.

Little Empire - Screenshot

Little Empire - Screenshot

What's New on version 1.16!
Possibility of receiving Hit Gem and Block Gem in arena mode;
Magic Gate can be constructed by a Level 1 alliance and the fantastic alliance adventure can be experienced by the new alliance;
New function - Gem Swapping added in Alchemy Lab: lv 4 and lv 5 gems can be exchanged to other gems of the same level ;
Reduce the difficulty of the some levels in adventure mode;
3 players can participate the battlefield together and after the team is formed, 2 players may start the battle stochastically.

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Little Empire v1.16 APK

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download file: 24MB (Little Empire v1.16 APK)

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Have fun !

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